Simon Maxwell

The global development agenda in 2007

The global development agenda in 2007, Open Democracy, December 2006

The challenges of poverty, aid, trade, politics and human security will make 2007 a tough year, says Simon Maxwell of the Overseas Development Institute.

2007 will be a difficult year in international development, for five reasons.

First, there will be many reminders that poverty remains ubiquitous, that conflict destroys lives and livelihoods, and that environmental pressures are increasing. Though Africa will continue to grow, in aggregate faster than developed countries, it will become clear just how big a share of this is the result of high prices for oil and other commodities - and how little the poor benefit from enclave-based growth. The "resource curse" will be much discussed. Conflict will continue to plague the Horn of Africa, with Somalia adding to the woes of Darfur. 2007 will see more than its fair share of natural calamities................. (see link in title for full article)

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