Simon Maxwell

Linking Relief and Development

Linking Relief and Development, (edited volume), IDSInstitute for Development Studies, Sussex Bulletin No 25:4, October 1994

The volume explores why the idea of 'linking relief and development' has become popular, but also why implementation is slow. It reviews frameworks of analysis, and identifies (a) development interventions that reduce the frequency, intensity and impact of shocks, (b) relief measures that reinforce development and (c) approaches to rehabilitation. It then analyses five underlying issues: the question of 'horses for courses'; institutions, politics and planning; state versus civil society; costs and trade-offs; and the special case of complex political emergencies accompanied by war. The paper concludes that there are some circumstances where efforts to link relief and development are not justified; but that in many other cases, the approach makes sense. The main constraints encountered are institutional and political, but there is room for manoeuvre and practical suggestions are made.

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