Simon Maxwell

Policy Advisory Council Member for the Institute for Public Policy Research

ippr's Policy Advisory Council was established to draw on a wide pool of highly talented individuals to provide intellectual vitality and advice to the organisation. Simon has served on the Council since 2009.

ippr has established itself as one of the most influential think tanks in British politics. Its research and policy ideas have helped shape the progressive thinking that is now the political centre ground since 1988. Its work has always been driven by a belief in the importance of fairness, democracy and sustainability. And now, at a time of economic and political crisis, it is using radical thinking to take this agenda forward.

Working with all parties and from all parts of the United Kingdom, ippr prides itself on its independence and influence across political divides. Best known for its influential work in Whitehall and Westminster, they work now in more than 25 countries around the world and have pioneered think tank research and engagement in local communities.

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