Simon Maxwell

European Development Cooperation Strengthening Programme (funded by the Department for International Development) and Chair, European Think Tanks Group

The European Development Cooperation Strengthening Programme is an ODIOverseas Development Institute (London) project funded by DfID and led by Simon.  It was established to support the debate on EUEuropean Union institutional and policy change by building an infrastructure of knowledge, contacts and information on EUEuropean Union development cooperation.  It aims to: construct a community of ‘EU change-makers’; support the conversation on development cooperation, its structure and its relation to the wider arena of EUEuropean Union external action; and take the agenda forward through policy analysis and by promoting the sharing and practical use of knowledge and information.

The ratification of the Lisbon Treaty, and the arrival in Brussels of a new leadership team, together provide an opportunity to re-invigorate European collaboration and collective action in the realm of international development.  Europe is at a cross-roads, emerging from an eight-year period of introspection with a new treaty which provides a mandate, not for centralisation, but for greater cooperation.

The German Development Institute funded part of this work, specifically on responding to future development challenges: is more supranationalism the answer?

Simons work on reform of the international system of governance in development cooperation: the role of the EUEuropean Union is also related.

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