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My passion is bridging research and policy – finding ways in which ideas can be used in a transformative way to reduce poverty. This is where you will find links to current projects and an archive of past work, as well as my blog.


What's new?


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Designing the development agency of the future



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altReview of Aid on the Edge of Chaos

By Ben Ramalingam


Climate sceptics: what to do with the headless chickens


Paying for Zero: Global Development Finance and the Post-2015 Agenda


Why the European Parliament elections matter for international development - and eight things to look out for in the manifestos


alt DFID’s MAR Update is thorough. Now they need a multilateral policy.


altReview of Influencing Tomorrow: Future Challenges for British Foreign Policy by Douglas Alexander and Ian Kearns


Sailing into harbour or drifting out to sea? Consensus and challenge on post-2015


How to win the argument on climate change: a five point plan (Part 3 and final)


altSummit on the Global Agenda 2013



How to win the argument on climate change: a five point plan (Part 2)


altHow to win the argument on climate change: a five point plan (Part 1)


altPaging Goldilocks: Where do we stand on post-2015 after the New York Special Event?


Commentary on the Review of the EEAS


Is the EU making an argument to transform aid? And is it right?


Lessons from President Obama’s Climate Action Plan


Optimistic about the Global Nutrition Compact


What is the ICAI up to, what have we learned, and what should happen next?


altLessons from the EU Changemakers


altReview of  ‘Divided Nations: why global governance is failing and what we can do about it’ by Ian Goldin


altUnpeeling the onion: reflections on the post-2015 High Level Panel report


Can the EU deliver joined-up thinking and action in international development? Eight steps for a better External Action Service


China's Silent Army: A review


Maximum Aspiration and Minimum Standards: Driving Change in Business Contributions to Poverty Reduction


Pitching on the post-2015 goals: A Decent Life for All


What is the future of (UK) oda?


How can the EU take forward the resilience agenda: a ten point plan


Is there a future for Northern NGOs in a world of MICs?


Review of Why Nations Fail: The Origins of Power, Prosperity and Poverty by Daron Acemoglu and James Robinson


Review of ‘The Carbon Crunch’ by Dieter Helm


The optimists and pessimists are far apart on climate change. How can we disrupt the psychological status quo?


Conquering the Hydra: a twenty point programme for reform of multilateral aid


How to achieve lift-off for post-2015 global goals


Five stars for the Hunger Summit


Looking to the future of development and humanitarian aid: what can be seen in the crystal ball?